Where is your heart?

If you want to know whether your heart is with Allah or towards the worldly life, do the following:

Write down the first 20 things you want to do, things you want to achieve. It could be anything from doing things for others to learning how to drive to disciplining yourself or learning how to cook. Whatever it maybe, write it down. No matter how big or small it is, write it down and don’t remove it.

Once you’ve down that, take a look at the list and see how many of these things will benefit you in the hereafter. Do you have more goals/ aspiration towards the worldly life that will end or towards Allah? Does your list include reading or learning the Quran? Helping the Ummah in anyway or improving your character. Perhaps your Salah & khushoo? Or is everything only for your dunya?

Having said that, there is nothing wrong in learning how to drive or to cook as both could be used to benefit the Ummah but what is important to mention here is that whatever you want to achieve or do, change your intention and do it for the sake of Allah so that you find your reward with Allah in the hereafter.

For example: I want to learn how to drive so I could give pick & drops to sisters who are in need or I want to learn cooking so I could feed others to please Allah. I want to achieve the best grades to make my parents happy but to make my parents more happier, I will pray for their forgiveness and rehma from Allah. I will be a good sibling to make my parents happy for Allah’s pleasure. I will smile more at others because it’s a Sunnah. I want to spend more time with my family to not only strengthen our relationship but also to keep kinship as it pleases Allah. I am going to meet my friends more often & I will meet them with a smile on my face for the sake of Allah. I will teach someone a Hadith or verse of the Quran to benefit both of us.
It is a reality check for you to see how you heart really is. Once you’ve figured it out where it stands, change the niyaah and make it for Allah’s sake and you will be rewarded.

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