You are my Greatest support

You gave me the greatest pleasure & blessing to know You in the most toughest and darkest moment of mine. Although they say hurtful things, use harsh words, O my Rabb, I know You love me so dearly. I came the closest to You through this trial & no matter how much they hurt me, O my Rabb, please never let me doubt Your plans even for a single moment. For You are Al-Hakeem, The Most Wise.

You taught me life’s most valuable lessons throughout this trial. There were days I thought I could not go on, I prayed for death but you gave me the strength instead. Day by Day you tested me with many things at a time. Failure upon failure, hurtful words, loneliness, fear, feeling unloved & abandoned but with that You opened a door for me to know You so closely. Indeed, You are the Most Nearest.

O my beloved Rabb, I began asking You to cover me with the same love that You covered Musa AS with so that even Firuan couldn’t harm him. I asked You for the same strength in my faith & heart that You gave to Musa AS’s mother when You asked her to put him in the basket. And My Most Precious Friend, my Loving Rabb, You gave me exactly that and today I realised that.

You know my love for Yusuf AS & his father, You helped me find strength from Your Book, in Your beautiful words especially sent down for me. Addressing me directly, reassuring my heart constantly to tell me You love me. You showed me my rank, my position with You O the Possessor of Honour and Majesty.

O Allah, I ask You by the virtue of the fact that all Praise is to You, there is no deity worthy of worship except You. You have no partner, no associate. The Bestower, The Originator of heavens and the earth. O the Possessor of Honour and Majesty. O the Ever Living, O The Eternal One, please forgive me.

And I ask You to give me the honour of meeting Your beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa’Salam. Please give me the honour of seeing Yusuf AS, a meeting with Musa AS and his mother. Ameen.

And O Allah, I love You with all my heart. May You bless me with such knowledge that I am able to convey the message of Islam, to share Your beautiful Names and Attributes to Your creation to show them all the love You have for them the way You have bestowed upon me the blessing of Your love. Ameen.

To Praise You such a Praise You have bestowed upon me so many favours You have made me so much better than so many of Your creation. For You is all Praise, Praise that fills the heavens and the earth. Praise that fills whatever you will. Thank You for loving me the most.

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